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Walt's Knights

Established 7/10/15

Contact Info: IG : @Waltsknightssc

We are currently a closed club.

We are a bunch of Disney fanatics with a slight twist to the medieval era. Our club is mainly based off the classic The Sword & Stone but with elements from Beauty & The Beast/Sleeping Beauty. The Knights were created with the hopes of meeting people that loved going to Disneyland and shared similar interests as ourselves. It started off with myself and my girlfriend and along the way our club grew into what is now my extended family. This SC Community is all about finding the right fit for you and we can definitely say we have found our tribe.

Jacob Castro - knight commander

Gillian Claar - first knight

Bianca Carmona - Sgt. At arms

Instagram: @waltsknightssc

Redesigning our bylaws as of right now

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