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Venomous Villains Disney

Established September 13, 2013

Contact Info:

Venomous Villains is a group of family and friends and includes children. Each of us wears a different Villain of our choice on our back patch. At the time that the club was created, unlish the Villains Friday the 13th event at Disneyland, we wanted to create a club where we could all be in. At the time we searched different social media forums to make sure there was no other club out with the same name or concept idea. At that time we had seen one other villain themed club but it didn't appear to be active. Once we decided on a theme we came up with a name then patch concept.

Stephanie Lara - President

Eloisa Rodriguez - Vice President

Instagram: @venomousvillainssc


Be respectful of all people in the parks and online. Respect and honor what Walt has created. No drama, no bullshit; just peace, love, friendship and Disney


Yes and No. We don't accept applications but we invite new members. It's people we have met and hang out with and want to welcome to our villain family

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