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The Tweedles

Established October 2015

Contact Info:

As the Tweedles we hope to be your guides to this Wonderland that Walt named Disneyland. We are family-orientated and faith-based although not all of our members have to be. We love the parks, the movies, and all things Disney!!!

Jacob hults president

Kayla baker Vice President Theyweedlessc



All members must be 18 years or older unless you are a member than your kids are allowed to join as long as you are with them at all times. Show respect to all cast members in the park and obey all rules of Disneyland. Always be courteous to those in the park who stop you and want to know anything about our patch and club Always show respect to everyone in the park Never litter or damage Disney property. Respect is key not only to members of our club but other clubs as well along with the general public Always wear your patch when at the park Must visit the park atleast 10 times a year


We are definitely accepting new members, but we ask for patience from soon-to-be-members as we are still a small group and we require both an application and an in-person get-to-know-each-other also become a hang around while this process is goi on and then move to prospecting and become a prospect. As there are only two founders, this process may take some time; however, we are always looking for new members who love Disney as much as we do and enjoy spending time at the parks

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