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 The Tattooed Ladies & Gentlemen of Adventureland SC

Established May 18, 2017

Contact Info:

We are THE TATTOOED LADIES OF ADVENTURELAND SC . We represent all the Disneynerd that not only love Disney but the Tattooed community and those that love the tattoo community. We are fun loving family oriented bunch of women here to spread the love of Disney but to empower women to do more in their community. We will have events inside the park and outside. We would love to also have a volunteer aspect to our group. It's the one thing that I know Disney does a lot. So we will find events to where we can volunteer at as a social club. We are exception membership from anyone around the world. Our goal is not only to have fun at the Disney parks but show that the social clubs have a big heart and give back to our communities. 

From the Desk of the Founder and President:
We have made several changes to our administrators for the club.

Elaine Marie Rodriguez
Vice President:
Darla Beltran
Deianira Jene' Nuñez
Social Media Coordinator:
Courtney Mooney
Diana Tenoh Sorensen
Jr. Ambassador:
Sammy Beltran
Shawn Gonzales
Dahiana Verduzco Gonzalez

 Facebook: The tattooed Ladies and Gentlemen of Adventureland SC

Instagram: ttlagasc


18 years and older. If you have Tattooed visible they should be tasteful. Disney tattooed are a bonus. Be able to attend at least one event a year. Families are welcome. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian to join with them.


We are exception anyone who want to hang out with us. Tattooed and those who don't have any are welcomed. Just bring a sense of Adventure with you!

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