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Tron City Guardians

Established August 17 2015

Contact Info:

We are close group of Tron fans that have become like family. We started as an idea in 2015 and decided to run with it, we have built our club to be very respectful but enjoyable group to be around. We have a strong set of rules but that is for the protection of our members, Disney staff and the park.

VooDoo Paul (President) Paul Rivera

Frenchy (Vice Pres) Christina Franchi

Nix (Master CTRL) Nicole Oldendorff

Tron 626 (SGT @ Arms) Erik Martinez

Baby D (SIREN) Danielle Packard

Triumph (Architect) David Rivera


Club Rules:

We have way too many to list in this place. We can email anyone looking at joining our set of rules


We are open to new members but not openly recruiting. If we come into contact with someone that would like to join we start a short prospecting period of a minimum of 90 days. The most important thing is not to become just a member but apart of our little family

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