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The Other Side Souls

Established: July 16th, 2021

Contact Info : Caprice "Sunshine"-


Accepting new members?

Yes. Please DM our Instagram page or send us an email to to inquire about the process.


The Other Side Souls was founded by Sunshine and Silas on October 17th 2020. We are a NorCal based club (San Francisco Bay Area) but we visit the parks as much as possible. Our club is themed after the Iconic Dr. Facilier aka Shadow man and his "friends on the other side", the wayward Souls who haunt and lurk in the shadows of the cities and bayou of New Orleans who he summons to do his bidding. We love all things Macabre, Weird, Spooky, Sinister, Vile, Strange, Unusual and Villainous so for us, this was an obvious choice to theme our club after. As far as our club goes, We do not care about age, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or physical appearance. We're all different here and we love everything and everyone other people would label as "different". We're all just a bunch of wayward Souls trying to find our way and as long as you are drama free, Show love and respect to everyone and are kind, you are Soul material. The club was founded to make life long friends in the place we all love most. There is a process to join The Other Side because once you've crossed over, there's no turning back. Once a soul, always a soul. With that being said... Are you ready? C'mon on down to new Orleans square, look for Orleans & Royal and there, and only there, can you shake a poor sinners hand and start your journey to the other side... 💜💀💚


Instagram: the_other_side_soulssc


Rules will be explained to individuals during the Hangaround/Prospect Process.

Check in Locations:

Orleans and Royal crossroad sign

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