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Tomorrowland Ravagers

Established December 15, 2015

Contact Info:

The Tomorrowland Ravagers SC is a group of people who love all things Disney and Guardians of the Galaxy. Our club is based on the amazing character of Yondu Udanta played by the iconic Michael Rooker. You can find us at our home of Guardians of The Galaxy:Mission Breakout on Sunday Fundays helping the Guardians Breakout . We love to meet up with other clubs and look forward to see everyone in the parks

Christopher Machado - President

Surina-Marie Brewer - Vice President

Al Ortiz - Ambassador

Instagram: @TomorrowlandRavagers_sc

FB: Group Page


Our rules are simple- -Follow Disney rules and guidelines -Be kind and courteous to Cast Members -No excessive alcohol consumption while wearing vest or club shirt -Always respect other clubs -More rules to follow...


We are recruiting and we love to talk to potential members on Instagram, Facebook, or at the parks. We have our meetups the first and third Sundays of the month(unless otherwise noted) at 2:00pm at the dining area by Award Weiners. We expect our members to abide by Park rules,be kind and courteous to Cast Members, and try and make the other guests have a magical time. For those that can't make the meetups you can contact us through Instagram or Facebook and go into more details on what we look for in our members.

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