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The Royal Cardsmen

Established: 2015

Contact Info : Michael Patrick,


The Royal Cardsmen are a Disneyland Social Club formed in 2015. We are a close group of family and friends who have a real passion for all things Disney. Based in Northern California, we visit Disneyland as often as we can, and enjoy sharing our love of this magical place with those who are most important to us.

Within the Magic Kingdom we loyally serve Her Majesty, the Red Queen of Hearts, sovereign Matriarch of Fantasy Land. As Her elite vanguard we strive to protect the peace and tranquility of the entire Magic Kingdom, as well as ensure that all Roses are Red.


President: Michael Patrick 

VP: Brian Patrick

The Specialist: Kimberly Johnson


We have a strict code of conduct known as "The Cardsmen Code" You can find it here: Let me know if you would like a text copy.


Yes we are. Contact us to have a personal interview with our President, then be reported on and voted in to the SC by our members.

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