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The Fairy Godmothers

Established: November 2017

Contact Info : Kristin @disneylandshoppersanonymous

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We’re a group of fairies with the hope of making a difference by granting wishes. Our charity of choice is the Make a Wish Foundation. Wishing dreams come true with faith, love, and fairy dust!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Each person is a fairy, only 5 fairy titles at the moment.

Flora (Kristin, founder)

Fauna (tbd) 

Merryweather (Elise)

The Blue Fairy (Kimy) 

The Fairy Godmother (Justine).


Absolutely no drama! There is zero tolerance for drama. When you wear your patch, you’re a representation of the club so act appropriately. Have fun, be cool, and know the other fairies are your fam 😊


Yes, looking for our Fauna. We’re looking for a like-minded, kind hearted, and philanthropic person for the job. This person will have a love of Disney and a compassion for others. We love to shop, dream, and empower each other. Preferably living in CA and will need to make it out to our anniversary weekend at the beginning of November each year.

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