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Stitch Shenanigans SC

Established: 2017

Contact Info : Social Media



Where there is Love, there is Peace and Respect. The greatest of these is Love. Our SC is built on these principles. This is the Stitch Shenanigans SC way. As individuals we all have our own unique gifts that we offer, but together WE are Stronger. Our SC unity and strength enables us to bond with others and help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Our SC goals are to support charitable organizations and foster care programs as well as building stronger relationships within the SC Brother/Sisterhoods that exists among us. We don’t exist to compete. We exists to spread Unity, Joy, Peace and Love., and to have as much FUN as we can doing it. We are an OHANA. OHANA means FAMILY. FAMILY means No One Gets Left Behind!!


President & founder Dora Rodriguez 
Vp Cristian Gandarilla
 Sergeant of arms Gene DeLaney


Instagram : Stitch Shenanigans sc
Fb pg: Stitch Shenanigans sc

Love and respect always 

We are recruiting and we love to talk to potential members on Instagram, Facebook, or at the parks. Our meetups are on  Sundays. We expect our members to abide by Park rules, be kind and courteous to Cast Members, and try and make the other guests have a magical time. For those that can't make the meetups you can contact us through Instagram or Facebook and go into more details on what we look for in our members. We also are involved in Choc walk, Toys for tots, Foster kids and some outside activities with our SSSC O'HANA family and other SC clubs.

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