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Stitch's Surfers

Established March 2017

Contact Info:

Our club is an ohana, family. We accept all age members (with parent permission of course for younger ones or have the parent prospect with their child also) and attend the parks for leisure. We respect all disney entities and cast members. We hold occasional gatherings and giveaways at the park.

Angelina Castellanos-President

Angelica Morales- Vice President


You must hold a disney annual pass to be a member (doesn't matter what level) We respect disney and all its entities. We obey all park rules. Be respectful.


Yes. We like to get to know a the person first and if we feel they would be a good fit into our club we then make them a prospect. There is a prospecting process and even though they may finish their process they won't become a member until we as a club feel we are ready to let them in.

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