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There are two ways to become part of the Disneyland social club community. The easiest way is to join one of the many groups that already exist. There are all kinds of clubs out there for your favorite character, ride, or movie. To become part of the SC scene as soon as possible, click here and learn how to join a club of your own.


The more difficult (but totally possible) way is to gather a big group of people together and start a club of your own. Starting and running a club takes lots of time, hard work, money, and strong leadership skills. Most clubs don't make it past the first few months and 2-3 members before they fold. But, if you still want to give it a try, be sure to follow these guidelines.

looking to becoming a patched member?


Introduce yourselves on the Facebook groups Social Clubs of Disneyland and The Club Hub. It’s time to start getting to know others in the community. we always have events going on and everyone is welcome to show up and hang out with us. 

Email for guidlines on making your own club. 

Starting your on club is a lot of work. I personally spent about $2,000 over 4 months before we were even offically patched. We strongly encourage people to join the community before creating your own club. If it sounds like too much trouble, too much work, or like something you wouldn’t want to do, it might not be the right time to start a club of your own. That’s ok! There are several people who have started by joining a club and making friends before splitting off into a club of their own. Either way, we urge you to find your place in this community.


If you’ve made it this far and decided that we’re all crazy for putting in the work, money, and creativity to start a club, and the scene doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested in joining long-term; that’s ok too! Many people see us in the parks and think they want to join, when really they want to visit wearing matching outfits with their friends (and there's nothing wrong with that). Look at all of your options, and decide what is best for you

So you wanna start a SC?

Some sage advice from Dawn Perkins (Tomorrowland Ravagers)

From someone who has been there, done that…let me give you some advice!

A couple of years or so ago I saw all these awesome people walking around in these vest at Disneyland and wondered what was up with them. They were always traveling in packs and seemed to be having a great time. WOW! I want to be like them!

I came home, got on the internet and started Googling these strange, fun creatures. 

I found all sorts of themed patches, pictures of good times and I wanted in. I asked around and got lots of replies and found a few that I fell in love with their patches (Mistake #1…a patch may look good, but looks can deceive). At the time I was blocked out on Sundays and didn’t have a chance to meet up with clubs that had most of their Meet and Greets on that day. I ended up communicating with a couple of clubs and tried to set something up to meet in the parks. One disbanded while I had been talking to them the other; well I just think the one person that was in the club really didn’t want an old white woman to be a part. By the way, I think that club still consists of only 1 member if it even still exists at all.

After seemingly being shot down twice, what do I do (here we go with Mistake #2)? I decided to start my own club. I did some research, very minimal research…like what most people do! I Google Imaged my patch (Mistake #3) I can’t even say I created anything, it was literally a rip off of a Disney character, sent it off to a patch maker and VOILA I’m a social club…of a whopping 2 members, me and my daughter. I tried to get something going and a lot of clubs welcomed and supported me. I soon realized that this was going to take a lot of time, money and commitment if I wanted something truly successful. Not to mention you need some dedicated and mature members to help you see it through…some people you don’t want to let loose in the parks without someone to babysit them and your patch. I gave it a shot and wish that I hadn’t, some good things did come out of it, I met some great people from all different established clubs and luckily I found one that took me in with my tail tucked between my legs.

Honestly think, think long and hard before you start your own SC. There are so many out there. There are wonderful groups of people out there. There is literally a club for every interest you could possibly have regarding Disneyland. Give them a shot, reach out to them and I promise you will find a SC that you click with. The last thing you want to do is get your name attached to that fateful hashtag…#IDRYBSSC

Still want to start your own SC? Click here

Getting listed on the website

There are a few requirements for new clubs to get listed on the website.

1. You must have a patch. A physical patch, not just artwork 

2. You must have a photo in the park with another club.

3. You must have 6+ members.

4. You must be at least 3 months old.

As soon as you hit those milestones, you’ll be added to the website.

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