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Sparrow's Reapers

Established September, 2015

Contact Info:

We are Sparrow's Reapers, a Pirate based club composed of family and friends that share a love of all things Disney. We are a kid friendly group. We take pride in being drama free and strive to remain that way since Disney is our happy place.

Bert Dominguez - President

Carmen Ruiz-Dominguez - First Lady 

KitKat - VP 

 - Sgt at Arms


FB: Sparrows Reapers sc


1) Be respectful of All: each other, any guests, cast members, other SCs, and the Parks.

2) Attend scheduled meetups. (At least 1 per month)

3) Drinking is allowed only in moderation.

4) Follow all Disney Parks rules and regulations.


Yes. We ask that any potential members attend meet ups with our club. Since we are a smaller club it is important that any prospective member is a fit for the club as well as the club is a fit for them.

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