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Straight Out of Disney 

Established 03/25/2017

Contact Info:

We are a drama free club we don't tolerate it. We are an open club as in race gender identity age sexual orientation we don't discriminate big supporters of the lgbt community. We love all things Disney especially Disney karaoke. We are family friendly so that being said our youngest members are 4yrs old. Weather you be 1yrs old or 100yrs old we welcome you

King Louie pres

Ariel vp

Maleficent treasure

Donald Duck secretary

Goofy Sgt at arms/ safety

Eeyore Historian

Pinocchio Public Relations

Ig: @straightoutofdisneysc


1. All members and prospects must follow all Disneyland Resort rules at all times. Respect Walt’s vision. 2. Be respectful of others: this includes club Members, other Disneyland Social Clubs, cast members, and park guests. We are all respectful humans will conduct ourselves as so. 3. Keep It fun. Don’t be a Witchy poo 4. No Drama or Crap. It will not be tolerated 5. All minors must be accompanied by an adult 6. No excessive drinking in California Adventure. 7. “NO DRUG USE EVER”. 8. All Members will do their part to keep the park clean and safe. 9. Club attire will only be worn at approved Disney themed events unless otherwise stated by the president 10. All members must smile and greet other clubs. Be friendly we're all apart of the SC scene because of the mouse. Most of all have fun


We are happily accepting prospects. Joining is fun and easy we have a 6 month prospecting period where we all can get to know you and make sure we all get along with you. We have 4 to 5 prospect task which include things like a scavenger hunt and stuff like that which need to be completed within the 6mons. After you become a member the only fees we collect are for 7 mandatory patches which include name 2 rockers center patch and 3 other mandatory patches

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