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Sons Of Mickey

Established July 1, 2017

Contact Info:

Our club is based upon random act of kindness to have an annual pass we considers ourselves blessed and for that we would love to share the magic what others we are all Disney lovers would love to go to Disney get on rides and have lots of fun and do you remember not to ever lose sight that it all started with a mouse. This club is pretty much for all the Disney lovers out there who would want to spread the magic around the park this club is for the people Who will do a random act of kindness without anything in return hope to see you guys at parks may everyone have a magical day

President / Rafael Menendez

VP / Alice Esparza 

Secretary / Rosa Diaz

Kids / President Heather Menendez

Kids / Vice President Benjamin Menendez


1) All members are responsible for buying their own vest and patches. 2) MUST BE RESPECTFUL to all social clubs as to all cast members including park guests. 3) Must always represent the club, patches 4) If you drink at the parks and you have had more then you can handle please remove vest with patches and most definitely refrain from all social media. 5) All problems and issues need to be brought up to the President or the Vice President


We are young club so yes most definitely we are looking for members come on down and hang out with us need other Disney lovers like yourself and have fun if this is the club that fits you then we'll sit down and talk about it

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