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Snake Eyes

Established December 17,2017

Contact Info:

We mainly go to Disneyland but occasionally visit our haunted friends over at Walt Disney World! Our Co-Founders have always loved Disney; especially during the Halloween-Christmas season. And yes it is mainly because of Haunted Mansion Holiday!!

We are pin traders, collectors of antique Disney artifacts, love movies (Disney or not) and much more!

Instagram: (SnakeEyesSc17)

Facebook: (Snake Eyes Disney Social Club)

1) Follow the rules of Disney Parks

2) Be respectful to other members

3) Respect the Cast Members who work very hard to make magic!

4) We ask that you wear our patches and another patch of your choosing! (Disney or not; but also appropriate)

Accepting new members: Yes!! Just email us or contact us on Facebook/Instagram and we can answer any questions you have about our interests or what we do exactly at the parks. Then we can even work on setting up a day to meet at the park before you join if you want or after! But even after all that you decide to join another club that's okay!!

We love having friends in other clubs and we have supporter pins.

We will be doing fundraisers! So far we are raising money/awareness to Autism and Cancer but not restricting it to that. Keep your eyes open on our Facebook and Instagram sights to see how you can help when its that time!!

Our Motto is "Keeping the magic alive by spreading haunted cheer year round!" If you do decide to join you will become part of our Haunted Ohana!! If not always feel free to say Hi!

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