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The secrets of the wings

Established July 2015

Contact Info:

We are twin themed but also friends. It's based of the secrets of the wings movie with Tinkerbell and her twin perwinkle. Deserae came up with the name for us. Our club is kid/teenager friendly. We are accepting males as well as females.

Michelle president/founders

Jennifer president/founders

Deserae president /founders

Instagram: @secretsofthewingssc


Respect for fellow members and cast members while in the parks. Respect and be friendly to fellow social clubs. Assist when permitted someone needs help while in the parks. we are in process of doing our rules as we didn't have anyone interested till now


Yes. Don't matter your gender. But need to respectful in the sense we have a teenager in our club. You will need to meet with one of us or both of us adults to see if you will fit with our club.

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