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The Schweitzer Falls Skippers

Established: August 19, 2017

Contact Info : Charles Mesnard email:

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We are a club based on The Jungle Cruise and have members that are largely based out of Las Vegas Nevada but include members from all over. We frequently get together to share our love for Disney and grow our family bonds beyond the club and the parks.

We aim to be friendly to everyone


Charles Mesnard - President / Founder

Alexa Erekson - VP / Founder

Tayler Mesnard - Secretary / Founder

Dalyn Erekson - Historian / Founder

Amy Thompson - Ambassador 


Respect the park rules

Respect others in the club

Respect all other clubs

Be nice to others

If you feel you can't be nice to someone avoid being around them


Yes, new members must mesh well with existing members and feel like they belong. We have a small set of challenges intended to see how they fit in our club and the community in general. Further details are available from members of the club.

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