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Established July 4, 2016

Contact Info:

We are a pirate themed club that originated in Anaheim, CA. Our logo is based off of Davy Jones's skull from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Our interests include fitness, running, drinking, and Disney. We run 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons, ultras, OCRs, Spartans, and long distance relays. All of our members are fitness and run athletes.

The spelling of our club name is a bit unique. The V’s are pronounced as U’s, similar to medieval Latin writing, and the X's are substitutes for E's. But also, the V’s and the X’s represent the Roman numerals for 5 and 10, which happen to be the race distance in kilometers which is required to complete your initiation to become a member of the Rum Runners.

RVMRVNNXRS is part of the Black Fleet Council: a unified group of all active Pirate Social Clubs at the Disney parks.

Shai de los Reyes (Pres)

Steph Sparks (DSNYLD - VP)

Sara Renee (DSNYWRLD - First Mate)

Chris Nice Guy (DSNYWRLD - VP)

Brittany Fisher (Treasurer)

Instagram @rvmrvnnxrs


Represent the club the best way possible, both inside and outside the parks.
All members must be annual pass holders.
As members, we must all meet as a team at least twice a year at your respective park.
We must all run at least four runs a year as a team in your respective territory (RunDisney races preferred but not mandatory).
Club vests are only to be worn on Disney property, Special Club events, or Cons only. Club shirts or logo apparel may be worn everywhere else and are encouraged to be worn at all race events.
Be respectful, kind and courteous to all cast members and all park visitors, and abide by all park rules and regulations.
Always greet and be friendly to all the other Social Clubs. We do not instigate or start drama with other SCs or park goers.
Lend a helping hand.
We do not discriminate against anyone over race, religion, or sexual preference. We do not bully, shame, or make others feel bad about themselves. We are not better than anyone or above anyone. We treat each person the way we would like to be treated. We love everyone!
And most importantly, have fun at the parks!


New members will be accepted into the RVMRVNNXRS SC by invitation only.
Please do not be offended if an invitation is not extended.
Membership inquiries will be reviewed and voted on by the club.
Current members may suggest and recommend potential new members, but will still be voted on by the club.
Once an invitation is extended, the potential new member will be asked to hang out with some of the members, either at the parks or at a race, to see if there is a mutual fit.
This process is to assure that potential new members are a good fit and will represent the club and the rest of the teammates the best way possible.

Initiation -
To become a Rum Runner, you must run your initiation race of a total of either one Half Marathon, or a combination of a 20k (two 10ks,or four 5ks, or one 10k+two 5ks). You must run these races with at least one of the other members.

New members are responsible for their club gear (denim vest and back patches). You will be given instructions on where to order your back patch set. For your race merit badges, the president will award you with all your run badges as you run your future runs.
New members must take 3 shots of spiced rum and ride the spinning teacups (just kidding).
Underage prospects can join if they are able to run the initiation race requirements and after they receive their parents permission. But no drinking for you.

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