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Rebels of Radiator Springs 

Established July, 2015

Contact Info: 

We all have a light and a dark side...thats what makes us human... we are rebels in many ways..rebels of the the light, rebels of the dark but at the end we are still one! In our small town, they call us the Radiator Rebels .In a galaxy far far away, we are known as the...Rebels of Radiator Springs! When two universes collide... (Star Wars + Disney Cars) ...the RORSSC arrives! Disney Social Club ●Est. 2015 ●Disney cars ● Star wars (light/darkside)


We are a kid-friendly sc! If at any point we do decide to recruit additional members to the sc, while they are wearing the vest, they are representing the amazing behavior and respect towards the parks, CM's, other SC's and everything associated with Disney will be expected at all times. (That goes for adult members as well... lol)


The SC Rules are simple. Be good, do good, and look good at all times. Because of our immense love and respect for all things Disney, we should always want to strive to do our best and set a great example. Its important to have fun at all times, and make sure we do that in a responsible, respectful, family-friendly way. The rules include... * RORSSC code of conduct * Disney parks /properties * Park rules * Cast members * Disney scs * Disney sc members * anything related with disney. If in any point these are broken, the removal of patches will be asked of the person who disrespected the rules and they will be returned to the sc. (the patches are property of the sc)


FB: Rebels of Radiator Springs sc

Cindy Aleman - Founder/President

Carmen Chic - Ambassador

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