Court of the Pridelands

Established October 10th, 2015

Contact Info:

​We are Court of the Pridelands SC and we were established on October 10th, 2015. We are a group of family and friends who share a love for all things Disney! The Lion King holds a special place in our hearts as a film that illustrates the possibilities that come forth when people of different walks of life come together. Simba was seen as a killing machine when he was found by Timon and Pumbaa. Pumbaa decided it was safe to give the struggling lion a chance and this sparked a lasting bond among the trio. We are a diverse group. Everyone has their personal interests and hobbies and we want club members to feel free to express themselves openly. We want our members to thrive and this club to support each other in our own individual endeavors.

Anthony Beck - President

Bonnie Beck - Vice President

Ciarra Hudson - Sergeant at Arms

Instagram: @court_of_the_pridelands_sc


We are open to accepting new members. Requirements: - Must have parental consent under the age of 18. - Have a clear understanding of this club's values - Complete a prospecting period (length of time will be determined based on the prospects actions, attitude, and determination to become a permanent member)


1) Follow all park rules and expectations set by Disney and other theme parks when visiting.

2) Respect your cast members and other Social Clubs. A vest and patches does not make you superior over other guests.

3) Respect Disney property. This is our home away from home so please care for it as would your own house. Pick up after yourself and don't be afraid to clean up after others.

4) The vest is to be worn only at the parks or other club events.

5) Alcohol may be purchased at California Adventure, but we will only allow consumption of two drinks with a vest on. If you plan on drinking excessively we ask that the vest be removed before doing so.

6) If you are causing issues within the club, you are subject to either a probationary period where your vest will be turned in and given back once the period has ended, or there will be full expulsion from the club. If you are expelled from the club, your patches will be turned in and the incidents that led to termination will be documented and delivered to other club Founders and Presidents.

7) We ask that all members share ideas and make suggestions to help our club thrive as a whole. We want full involvement from each member.