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Pirate Lords

Established September 2017

Contact Info: 909-313-1115


We are the Pirate Lords,

(Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End) 

we represent some brethren of individuals here to set sail on an amazing adventure and ready to explore the depths of the sea, taking part in all that is Disney.

Disney is the life and blood that runs through our Crew.

We are a family of Disney lovers and Disneyland is our second home.

We do not discriminate nor do we discourage anyone, we do not care if u are straight, gay, bi, trans, purple, yellow, green, red, white, black, brown, maroon, tan, sand, from US from Paris from Mexico from Mars everyone that lives n breaths should not be treated different ,If you live and breathe Disney than u are a Pirate Lord ☠️

Matt Rodriguez- President / Pirate King

TBA - Vice President

Brianna Rodriguez- Pirate Queen

Dan Valdez - Sgt in Arms

Steven "Goofy" - Keeper Of The Code

Stevo Turner - Helmsman

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Yes we are!

We have few non crazy tasks to be part of the crew.

First we send out an application, then we send out list of tasks to b done at that park.

1. take pictures on every ride that takes ur pic,

2. autographs n pictures with mickey, minnie etc,

3. go to the park couple days with the crew so we can get to know u

and see if u r fit to be part of the crew and all tasks are done on the new members time we know work n personal life comes first.


Must have any form of clothing / items with the club’s patch (Must Represent!) .

No Drama whatsoever!!!! 0 tolerance for crew even Lords.

Must show RESPECT and be COURTEOUS to all cast members/guests, DISCRIMINATION of any kind will not be tolerated.

The Park itself is our Second home, and our sanctuary.

Help uphold the safety of all around you and help those who may need it: cast members, guests, and Children.

With any visit to the park please take some pictures so we can share on the Clubs Social Medias: Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

Some mandatory as well as some optional park visits as a crew, depending on dates of course. Club approval vote

Some mandatory as well as some optional crew gatherings outside of the Park on certain dates. Club approval vote

When a new crew member is recruited we will first send a questionnaire so we can get to know you a little better. After that we will set up a meet with us at the park to get to know you and see you face to face, as well as have you get to know the Crew. · Crew members will be determined by the VP, KotC, LatA, Ambassador and Pirate King (President) · Most of all Be Safe and Have RUM and fun!!!

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