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Order 66

Established May 4, 2017

Contact Info: Instagram

​Our Mission.. We are ORDER 66. Bringing UNBALANCE to the FORCE since May 4th, 2017.

The FORCE has elected us in service to the DARK SIDE, As a Social club based out of Southern California.

When we aren't HUNTING JEDI, you can find us patrolling the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

Sharing our LOVE and PASSION for everything Star Wars!

Please consider this we are a non profit organization and we do not own any of the characters or properties listed.

Founder: Hector Perez

President: Rick Zacarias

Vice President: Myrian Lamas

Ambassador: Yesenia Garcia

Instagram: @order66sc

FB: order66sc

We have an open invitation for people who want to become part of something bigger than just another social club, but part of a second family. People who share our vision and above all value Respect and Community. We are very Anti-Bullying and we want people who will continue represent the idea that is not the patch in your back that matter but the way you carry yourself... And it doesn't hurt to be a Star Wars fan!


As a Member of our Order. We ask that while in the parks, Downtown Disney or any of the Disney Properties.. Please make sure we follow all and any rules and respect all guest, cast members, social members regardless of club and visitors around us at all times. We are here to enhance the experience for everyone including us. Represent us with PRIDE and RESPECT.

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