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Once Upon A Timers

Established February, 2015

Contact Info:

Based in the San Fernando Valley, our group is a Disney loving bunch who look for excuses to visit the park resort, visit Trader Sam's, bound and/or get Dappered up. Our name is sourced on how every classic Disney story began, Once upon a time.... . Every visitor to Disneyland is hoping and seeking to make those memories so one day they can have their own Once upon a time story to share.

Marie Clarke - Co-Founder

Monica Parga - Co-Founder

Instagram: @onceuponatimerssc

FB: onceuponatimerssc


Respect the Park rules, treat others as you wish to be treated. Whether we are together or solo, you are representing the club and community -don't act the fool, and you won't be treated as such.


Not at this time

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