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Murphy's Outlaws

Established: February 2017

Contact Info :


A family club, we enjoy Disney, but enjoy it more with each other.

Do you know the story of Murphy, the Fantasmic Dragon? We can tell you... :-)


Founders Mr. and Mrs. Bear.


First, don't be an @$$hole. No one goes to DLand without a load of work and cash, so respect that. Be helpful where you can. Always make clear that you're NOT an employee of Disney - just a fan. Cast members work hard and put up with lots of stressed, hot, hangry people - always be kind to them and helpful where you can. Wearing the Disneyland rocker is a privelege, one that can be lost at anytime, so wear it with pride and respect.


We don't actively recruit. If someone is interested, they should first reach out and then hang out. Then we'll see where it goes there.

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