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Monstropolis Most Wanted

Established September 2013

Contact Info:

We are a family oriented club. Our time at the parks consists of getting on the rides and focusing our time on the kids and making sure they are having a blast. We have separate pre planned adult nights where we get to leave the kids at home and have some fun riding the rides they won't get on and get to have some adult bonding time. We are a pretty laid back group. Your not going to have to jump through hoops or hang out for a ridiculous amount of time before your are brought into the family. We don't consider our selves just friends we are a family and treat each other accordingly.

Andrea Rangel Co-President

Trish Garcia Co-President

Ruben Garcia Vice President

Rudy Gonzalez Treasurer

Melody Ayala (No longer Affiliated w/us)

Rafael Sanchez (No longer affiliated)

INSTAGRAM: @Monstropolis_Most_Wanted


First and foremost respect the parks and your fellow club members. Make sure the kids are safe while we have our outings and are not running off by themselves. Don't litter in the parks, respect the cast members and park employees. Follow all park rules.

Interested in Joining?

Currently accepting new members. come and hang out see if you and your family are a fit. Once the kids mesh together it's pretty much set. The kids are the deciding factor we want them to be comfortable with you and your children. Most of all just be around to have some fun. It's not necessary to be at the parks all the time together and we try to work around everyone's schedule when we plan our outings (inside and outside of the parks)




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