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Mickey's Kruegers 

Established August, 2015

Contact Info:

We are a Mash-up SC, we love Disney and Freddy Kruegers so we mashed it up and made the theme for Our SC. We are a group of Disney & Horror Film enthusiast if you please. We Participate in Charity events, such as Blood Donation Drives, CHOC Walks, Relay for Life Walks, and March of Dimes Drives & Walks. We have meet ups at the Parks on Sundays and we also meet up outside the parks.

Rocio Ponce - President

Betti Ramirez - Vice President

Instagram: @mickeyskruegerssc

FB: Mickeys kruegers


1. Respect the Park Rules.

2. Live and behave in the Best Disney Behavior.

Those who do not will have consequences that can lead to being removed from MKSC.


Yes, and we are kiddo friendly, but the minors Parent/Family Member is also part of the SC. To be recruited one just needs to contact us in person or via social media thru FB or Instagram, to make a day to meet up. There is a Prospecting Period, this is a time were we as a Club get to know the individual, hang out, and see how well we mesh.

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