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Mansion Mutts

Established February, 2013

Contact Info: (put Mutts SC in the subject line)

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The Mansion Mutts dsc are a group of Uncle Walt's Happy Nieces and Nephews, That were around, when you could count the number of DSC's on a couple of peoples fingers ( Feb 2013), We love the Haunted Mansion. over the years friends/Family have joined us. we range in age from our 20's to our 50's, and we come from all walks of life. were family friendly when we need to be. we follow the rules of the park, we kindly help out lost guest, when were asked for help, sometimes when they just look lost. when we have a Mutt Munch (a party at a members house), they usually get non disney family friendly,depending on the place(some of us can get rated R ). Not all of our Mutts, are Full Patched, and not all of our Mutts have AP's. Some Mutts are even Full Patched members in a different club. A grand portion of us hangout and know each other from outside the parks. and all of us are friends that have become family.

Niccodemus Dark Club Daddy Pres. Ca.

Black Rose Club Mamma V.P. Ca.

Katie Club Aunt Pres. Texas Chapter

Matt Club Uncle V.P. Texas Chapter

Priscilla Club Sgt. At Arms Ca. instagram: Mansionmuttssc


no intoxication while in the parks. follow the parks rules. treat the cast members, and fellow guests with respect and courtesy. do not disgrace the club or Uncle Walt's parks. Show up to at least a few club events each year.( we understand life and adulting take priority) if you see some trash on the ground at the park pick it up. help a lost guest if they ask. only wear your vest at the park, a members club party, or Disney related event that the club attends. these are the common sense rules of the club you'll get a full version of club bylaws when and if you join the Mutts.


We accept people as new members after, they have spent a period of time around us as a whole. if we all know you, and we allready know we can all hang together and we can all handle being around each, you'll be in sooner than others would. as for someone we don't allready really know. we would have to come up with a meetup at the parks date. most of us have become busy , the last couple of years. Adulting and life sometimes does have to take precedence over having fun and being young again. we don't require Mutt prospects to have a annual pass, we understand that not everyone can afford to have one all the time and not everyone that loves uncle Walt and his parks can go all the time like some of us. but we also don't just hand out pretty cool back patches for a vest either. you need to be open minded, we have all walks of life in the Mutts, all lifestyles, religious beliefs, nationalities, personalities, loves , and hates. you will spend a bit of time with us if we don't know you, both inside and outside the parks, before your considered for the Mutts. we still have Mutt pups that don't have Patches, only because they cant't get to the parks, parties or events or hang out with us on a regular basis. and they have been with us for a couple years. does this mean we dont like them. No, it just means we don't fully know how they are in a lot of different situations and settings. have they bitched and pissed and moaned about it. ? nope , and those are the people that will become Mutts. People that are disney fans , that would just like to have others that they get along with and be able to hit the parks with, so they dont have to go by themselves, because others they know dont like the parks. yes we have bylaws, you'll get a copy of those when you become a pup. the patches belong to the club. we now have the means to make our own patches the center patch is still the same, as the origional, the only thing changing is the rockers. weve gone down to one top patch instead of having a top and bottom. (a few of the original members still have the old patch). when you become a Mutt Pup, you get your Mutt Pup patch. once accepted you'll receive your Disneys Mansion Mutts Top patch, after your one year aniversary, of being in the Mutts and the officers chat about it. you'll get your club patch and your Family Patch. (like i said we don't hand out pretty patches for a vest. ) of course we are a small club. alot of people we have encountered, not all but alot. seem to have only wanted a pretty patch. our Club daddy and mamma don't allways wear their vest in the parks. and we never wear our vest out side of the parks, unless were at a members house for a party, event, or a Disney function, like d23.

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