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Man Cubs

Established 1/2016

Contact Info:

We are a Disney family who believes in acceptance, loyalty with the love of all things Disney. When you see us in the parks don't be shy we are very social and are always up to hang out. 

President - Chris Cooper

Vice President - Nathan Anderson

Sergeant at Arms - Clay Chambers

Enforcer - Shana Anderson

Treasurer - Cassi Cooper

Instagram: @mancubs_sc


* Anyone looking to join the Man-Cubs SC must have an annual pass.

* If interested, they must complete a two week hang around period before becoming an official Prospect. 

* Prospecting periods are over once the Man-Cubs SC prospect challenges are completed.

* Once challenges are completed, the Wolf Pack Council will then vote for the prospect to become an official member.

* Council vote must be unanimous to become a member

* Any club patch overs can only move forward when the Wolf Pack Council makes a unanimous decision in which it will move to a club vote that will require a majority vote.

Man-Cubs SC Bylaws

1. Members/Prospects/Hang Around's must treat all Cast Members, Resort guests, and other SC members with respect.

2. No inappropriate material visible on vests. (I.E. pins, patches, buttons, etc.)

3. When a member is vested at the Disneyland Resort they must act appropriately, respecting the patch and club. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. * We have a very strict NO DRAMA policy, we will not tolerate actions that reflect poorly on the club. This includes actions on social media accounts.

4. Drinking alcohol while vested is not prohibited but when doing so please be cautious of your actions. Remember you are a direct reflection of the club.

a.   If a member of the Wolf Pack Council feels you are too intoxicated they have the authority to take your vest and return it to you at a later time.

b.   This time will come after the Council has deemed it appropriate and have discussed with the member the issue at hand.

5. Man-Cubs SC prefers members to wear vests or club issued merchandise while in the parks but is NEVER mandatory. 6. Any major decisions are voted on by Wolf Pack Council.

a.   The Founder has the tie breaking vote, if necessary.

7. Club merchandise (I.E. t-shirts, sweatshirts, pins, etc.) are purchased by all members pitching in for total cost. a.   Man-Cubs Treasurer is in charge of all club related purchases.

8. Members must purchase their own prospect/back patches, $150 (fee is $30 for prospect patch and $120 for back patches)

a. Fee must be paid before that process can begin.

b.  If patches are returned in good/reusable condition you will be reimbursed 50% patch fee. (The percentage of return is to Founder's discretion)

9. Club social media accounts are controlled by the Founder unless other access is given.

10. Club Members/Prospects/Hang Around's will have a mandatory Man-Cubs SC meet up quarterly. Date, time and place will be given at least 1 month in advance to provide ample time for planning.

11. If the Wolf Pack Council feels that bylaws are not being followed by a member, the member will be asked to leave the club and return their patches. 

a.   No patch fees will be returned if asked to leave for not following bylaws or inappropriate behavior. (This will be a Council vote)

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