Man Cubs

Established 1/2016

Contact Info:

We are a Disney family who believes in acceptance, loyalty with the love of all things Disney. When you see us in the parks don't be shy we are very social and are always up to hang out. 

Chris Cooper - President

Sabrina Salinas - Vice President

Instagram: @mancubssc


We are currently recruiting. Are requirements are.. 1. A Disneyland Annual Pass 2. Come hang out to meet us so we can get to know each other from there we can continue on with the prospecting phase.


1. All members (future members) must have an annual pass to the Disneyland resort, level of past does not matter.

2. All members must pay Membership Fee: $__(cost of patch & prospect patch)

3. There will be a mandatory Man-Cubs SC meet up/meeting every three months. Date ,place & time will be announced within reason for you to plan your attendance.

4. Representing our club at the parks is required with the exception of the weather, date nights, birthdays, family or special theme days at the parks.

5. All votes are majority rules.

6. When ordering new buttons, support patches, or any special items for the club all members must help with pitching in.

7. If you decide to leave the club for any reason you will not be reimbursed the membership fee.

8. When a member is vested at the Disneyland resort they must respect the patch and club . Bad behavior will not be tolerated nor will vulgar and inappropriate patches or buttons. Always be respectful towards others including Cast Members, other resort guests and SC's. Drinking alcohol while vested is not prohibited, but when wearing your vest and drinking at the parks please use caution, remember you are a reflection of the club.

9. If club executives feel that these rules aren't being followed by a member or that the member does not uphold to club standards that member will be asked to leave the club and return their patch.