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Maleficent's Minions

Established July, 2015

Contact Info: IG @maleficentsminionssc


Yes, Annual Pass , Their is no Disney Annual pass type requirement , but they must be able to meet up with us at least three times in park before being fully patched . All ages are welcome but if under the age of 18 an adult must be present. Love, Enjoy and Respect The Magic Kingdom and all who partake in its greatness.

We are Maleficent's Minions, a Disney Social Club based in the Central Valley, Bakersfield/Fresno, Ca. We celebrate the darker side of Disney and its villains. We are a group of friends and family that enjoy the magic that is Disney. Motto: Look like the Villain but be the Hero

Mary Taylor - President

Cristella Villasenor - Vice President

Isaac Burrough - Ambassador

Instagram: @maleficentsminionssc


Respect both Disney parks, as well as other guests visiting.

One must respect other Social Clubs and their members, if their is a problem they must bring it to the President or the Vice President so it can be taken care of Correctly in the proper manner.

No use of vulgar words ,Respect Cast Members since they are just like us, If you drink excessively you will be asked to remove your vest to avoid attention being drawn to you .

Love, Enjoy and Respect The Magic Kingdom and all who partake in its greatness. You are only allowed 3 strikes ,the first one will be reviewed and looked into, once the second one occurs one must be able to provide the proper evidence our materials to show the incident happened , as the 3rd one comes that is when we will decide if you will still be a member, be put on a probation period. as we are based in the Central Valley we don't want anything bad happening when we cant fully be around.

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