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The Lost Skippers Of Disneyland

Established: November 7th, 2021

Contact Info : or IG: TheJungleSkipper

Lost Skippers Rocker SOCIALS - Sherief Z.png

Accepting new members?

Yes. We have a series of prospecting challenges called "The Eight Wonders" that one must complete in order to join. These allow the prospect a chance to become more familiar with the community and the parks!


Jungle Cruise themed Disneyland Social Club filled with fun loving Disney Addicts that only want to spread their joy and love of all things Disney with others!


Instagram - Facebook:


 President: Sherief - First Mate

(VP): Deijon - Second Mate

(SGT): Rosa

Navigator: Clay Chambers

Jacob Vasquez


No Vests outside of the parks.

Check in Locations:

Jungle Cruise Ticket Booth

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