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The Looking Glass

Established April 2016

Contact Info:

We are a family friendly fun seeking SC that loves Disneyland and enjoys spending time with our friends family and other SC's

Kat (Cheshire) Founder/President

Kiarra (Tink) Co Founder

Sean (Beast) Co Founder

Chris (Sarge) Vice President

Mikayla(Belle) Secretary

Toria (Hook) Treasurer

 Sgt. of Arms


Instagram: @the_looking_glass_sc 


Yes we are excepting new members. You need to hang out with us and prospect to see if we all get along and are a good fit for each other and then we go from there.

Club Rules:

*****First and foremost show respect*****

1. Respect all cast members. All cast members try their best so don't act rude to anyone. 

2. Respect Guests and try to help them out when necessary.

3.Respect other social clubs (If there is a problem with another SC talk to one of officers so the situation can be taken care of), we do not start drama, we socialize and have fun.

4.We do not damage the park.

5.You always represent the club, patches or not. We want to make a good name for the club.

6.If you plan to drink a lot or with friends, take vest off and stay off social media.(for your own safety) Please No over drinking.... no obsessive drinking where you can't handle yourself 1 or 2 drinks is fine as long as you can handle it. Remember you are representing the SC.

7.Do not argue with the officers in the club.

8.If there is an issue bring it to the attention of one of the officers.

9.Most of all this is Disneyland have fun.

10. All members are responsible for buying their own vest, patches and shirts and supporter patches

11. All Members upon leaving the SC must return their back patches back to the President and may depending on the condition of the patches upon return receive $50 for their patches back.

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