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The Lonesome Ghosts

Established December 2015

Contact Info:

The Lonesome Ghosts SC was founded in December 2015 by Brandon and Kayla Roebling. The club is based out of Reno NV but we have plenty of members who reside in the Anaheim area. We founded the club to have a good time with like minded people and friends in the place we all love. Drama free and very family and kid oriented. We are just a good group of people who are a little crazy but have a blast together. Wouldn't have it any other way. DOLE WHIPS FOR LIFE!!

Brandon Roebling-Founder

Kayla Roebling-Founder

Matty Rodriguez-President

Jill Wellington-VP

Instagram: @the_loneseome_ghosts_sc


No drama. It's a fun family environment. It's not tolerated. No excessive drinking. We have children in the club. If it happens you will be asked to remove your vest. Other than that have fun!


Always accepting new members. You can find us in the parks multiple days of the week but tend to set hangout days on Fridays and Sundays. All we ask is to hang out a few times to.see if you enjoy the sc scene and our club itself and go from there.

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