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Loki's Army SC

Established: November 18, 2018

Contact Info :



Yes, we ask that you buy your vest and patch. 

Communication is important!

if you cannot attend events please let the officers know.

we would like for you to attend at least one event a quarter, we have lots going on all the time and share events on our Facebook page. 

We're socially awkward and pretty weird but fun. 

Also, obsessed with Disney Trash Cans. 


Sister club to HelaRaisers SC and Point Break SC

#marvelclubs #familyreunion


Fersir: Laura Light (Phoenix)

Second Fersir: Carlos Zeledon

Chaos Coordinator: Harrison Light (Eleven)

Public Relations Coordinator: Teri Pope

Diplomat: Ashlynn Wall (Dole Whip)


Daniel Peterson

Jasmine Gomez

Marisa Fleischer (in Valhalla)

Teri Pope

Mallory (McPants)

John White



Chewbacca (Cat)

Wicket (cat)

Loki (Dog)


FB - Loki's Army SC

Instagram: lokisarmysc

Twitter @sc_loki



Respect the park rules.

Respect other Clubs

Take responsibility for your actions

don't be a terrible person

When wearing your vest you are not only representing our club, but the community as a whole as well as your love for Disneyland. 

Must have any form of clothing / items with the club’s patch during events (Must Represent!) .

No Drama whatsoever!!!! 0 tolerance 

Must show RESPECT and be COURTEOUS to all cast members/guests, DISCRIMINATION of any kind will not be tolerated.

The Park itself is our Second home, and our sanctuary.

Help uphold the safety of all around you and help those who may need it: cast members, guests, and Children.

With any visit to the park please take some pictures so we can share on the Clubs Social Medias: Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

We have mandatory and optional park events and outside the park events, depending on dates and location. 

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