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Land/Ride Clubs

100 Acre Hunnys SC

999 SC, The

Acme Squad SC

Adventuralanders SC

Asguardains Of The Castle

Avengers Of Disneyland, The

Aviators SC, The

Bad News Canoe Crew SC

Batuu Bandits SC

Bellhoppers SC, The

Big Bad Wolves SC, The

Black Pearl Raiders SC, The

Black Pearls SC

Black Sails SC, The

Brethren Court SC

Briar Patch Kids

Buena Vista SC

Buena Vista Street Brawlers SC

Buena Vista Street SC

Captain Eos Ragtime Band SC

Carsland Cruisers

City Hall Hooligans SC

Club 55 SC

Dark Side Elite

Dark Side SC, The

Darkriders, The

Dead Men Crew

Diciples of the Force

Disney Aviators SC

Disney Explorers SC

Disney Flyers SC

Disney Galactic Scoundrels

Disney Haunters SC

Disney XXL Social Club

Disneyland Guardians

Disneylanders 23

Disneys Forbidden Eye SC

Disneys Low n Slow SC

Dole Whip Boyz SC

Dole Whip SC

Dole Whips Disney SC

Doom Buddies SC

Doomed Souls SC

Enchanted Ghouls SC

Enchanted Tiki Tribe

Eticket Riders SC

Fantacylanders SC

Fantasmics SC

Fantasylanders SC

Figment’s Imagineers SC

Foolish Mortals SC

Forces Of The Fett, The

Forgotten Toons SC, The

Fountains of Color SC

Framed Rabbits SC, The

French Quarter Crew

Front St. Royals SC

Frontierlanders SC

Ghastly Ones SC, The

Ghost Riders SC

Golden Skulls SC

Gracey Mansion Caretakers SC

Grizzly River Runners SC

Happy Haunters SC

Hat Box Hooligans SC

Haunted Hooligans SC

Haunted Hosts SC

Haunted Mansion Ghost Keepers SC

Haunted Mortals SC

Haunted Pirates SC, The

Haunted SC, The

Heritage Rail Rockers SC

Hitchhikers SC, The

Ink ‘N’ Paint SC, The

Jungle Cruisers SC

Kingdom Crew SC

Leotas Ghouls SC

Leotas Haunted Hunnies

Leotas Ladies and Lads

Leotas Ladies SC

Leotas Legion SC

Leotas Seance Circle

Lillybelles SC

Lilly's Aces SC

Lindy Hop Club

Live By The Code SC

Mad T Zombies SC

Mad Tea Freaks SC

Madd Tea Party, The

Magic Kings SC

Magic Mafia Inc

Main Attraction SC, The

Main St Mistfits

Mainstreeet Fire 55 SC

Mainstreet Brigade SC

Mainstreet Elite SC

Mainstreet Mandalorians SC

MainStreet Mean Girls SC

Manor Keepers SC, The

Mansion Militia SC

Mansion Mutts SC

Maroon Toons SC

Matterhorn Mountain Climbers

Mickeys Fun Wheelers SC

Mickeys Map Makers SC

Mickeys Raiders SC

Midnight Strollers SC

Midway Maniacs

Monorailers SC, The

Mountain Climbers Disney SC

Mr. Toads Wild Riders SC

New Orleans Holidaylanders SC

Nightmare on Main St. SC, Thee

Pieces of Eight SC

Pirate Crew SC

Pirate Lords SC

Plaid Vest Mafia

Plane Crazies SC

Privateers SC

Raiders of Disneyland

Really Bad Eggs

Rocket Jets DSC

Royal Musketeers

Royals & Rebels, The


Sam Traders SC

Schweitzer Falls Skippers

Silly Symphonies SC

Single Riders SC

Small World SC

Small World Travelers

SoCal Disneyholics SC

Sons of Disney SC

Sons of Thunder SC

Sparrow Reapers SC

Spirits Of Disney SC

Star Tourists SC

Straight Out Of Disney SC

Suited For Disney SC

Tattooed Ladies and Gentlemen of           Adventureland SC, The

Team Dynamite Goat

Thunder Mountain Tribe

Tightrope Tootsies / Dynamite Dudes

Tiki Crooners SC

Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Krew, The

Tomorrowland Ewoks SC

Tomorrowland Legacies SC

Tomorrowland Legends SC

Tomorrowland Ravengers SC

Tomorrowland Rebels SC

Tomorrowland Trashers

Tomorrowland Troopers SC

Tomorrowlanders SC

Toon Patrol SC

Toon Patrol SC, The

Toon Squad

Tower's Forgotten Guests SC

Trader Sam’s Tribe SC

Trainhoppers Lilly Belles SC

Trainhoppers SC


Walts Doom Crew

Walts Ink and Paints SC

Wanted Bounty Hunters SC

Wig Wags SC

Wonderful World of Fantasmic SC

Wonderlanders SC

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