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The Inside Outsiders

Established July 23rd 2014

Contact Info:

We are the Inside Outsiders. A Disney social club based out of Southern California and dedicated to the understanding, expressing, and discernment of everyday emotions as featured in Pixar’s Inside Out. The aim of this social club is to spread awareness of the importance of mental health and well-being through promotion of organizations aimed toward mental health advocacy including but not limited to suicide awareness, self-care and understanding mental health signs and symptoms. This club will not promote itself as a group of mental health experts. There will be no diagnosis of mental health symptoms, nor there any therapeutic interventions available through members to those seeking mental healthcare. This group is comprised of people who have experienced their own hurts and have come together as a family to show support through directing others in need to the necessary resource available.

Danny/ President

Michelle/ Vice President


We follow all basic Disney and SC community rules. More detailed rules given to members.


We expect to open up the club soon. Please email with inquiries

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