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House of Mouse

Established 2014

Contact Info: @houseofmousesc

House of Mouse is a club that welcomes members who have a heart for Disney and what it stands for, in a welcoming environment. No matter the 'fandom' one is, under the Disney umbrella, you are welcome to express it. We are a family, if you join our club, you are part of our family. We are an easy going club, so we do not do drama. Please, don't bring drama into the club, it is not welcome in the club or being brought into the club from outside.

Justin Rowlett Co-President

Brad Rowlett Co-Presidet

Kaitlyn Delaney Co president.

Matt Manning Vice President.

Jen Rowlett First Lady/secretary

Jackie Rowlett First Lady

Instagram: houseofmousesc


1. Stay in contact with members/officers. (You become family, and we want to hear your news)

2. Respect the patch. If you are doing/going to do something that could make a bad image on the club, take off the vest. Ie; intoxication in the parks.

3. Respect Cast members and visitors.


Yes, contact presidents through House of Mouse Instagram page. Set up a time and date to meet the president/club members. Spend time to get to know the club as we get to know you and finally there is an officer vote

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