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Golden Skulls Social Crew 

Established April 11, 2017

Contact Info:

Ohdoydupsps - David Mendoza.jpg

Welcome to the Golden Skulls Social Crew Information Board

Founder/President: David "Cpt. Calavera" Nuñez

Vice President: Juan "26Clon" Cortes

Sgt: TBD


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"Stay Golden!"


"Bound by the Seas, Living Life by the Wheel."


Previously known as the "Golden Skulls Social Club", the club was founded April 11th, 2017; The Club Patch consisted of a Golden Helmsman "Skeleton" with an ace on his hook, steering the helm. Newly Revamped on April 29th, 2019 as the "Golden Skulls Social Crew", the new club patch consists of a newly revamped "Captain" Helmsman holding the helm, and wielding a sword. Also included is what we call the "Death Wheel" with the Infamous GxS Ace branded in the middle of the wheel. Behind the logo is a meaning of few sorts, and how GxS lives on a day to day lifestyle. But in order to obtain the meaning behind it, you must be a Official GxS Prospect or a Patched GxS Club member. Any other information regarding Club activities, questions, concerns (etc.) Can be answered at our email listed below!

Please Check Out and Follow our Social Media pages Instagram: @goldenskullssc We're also on Facebook!

Interested in Pillaging and Plundering? Email us! @

We look forward to meeting you, Stay Golden!

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