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Frozen Royalty

Established Oct 1, 2016

Contact Info: IG- @frozen_royalty_sc

Family club. Very welcoming. We have children in the club and love going on rides and giving the kids a fun Disney experience. We are a family club centered around kids.

Chelsee Mena- founder

Daniel Mena- founder

Instagram: @frozen_royalty_sc

FB: Frozen Royalty Disneyland Social Club


Must follow all park rules Must respect every person we come into contact with No drama or gossip Do not get drunk in the parks Respect fellow club members What is said or done in our club stays in the club We are a family, speak about your issues so we can fix it together.


Yes we are! Must hang with the club 3 times. Must follow park rules and respect EVERYBODY. Must follow club rules or will be removed from the club

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