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Fountains of Color 

Established July, 2017

Contact Info: (424) 535-8107

The world is a carousel of color! A rainbow of imagination. The Fountains of Color SC is a group of Disney loving friends that have come together to live in the magic of a new Social Club With a love of all things Disney, from food and attractions, to shows and merchandise, our goal as a group is to create a new family to partake in the many adventures to be had at the Disneyland parks, potentially around the world! We are brought together by our love for Disney and respect for the dedication of so many who have given their all to create memories for others. Because of this, we have a desire to share the magic of Disney with the rest of the world and each other. While The Fountains of Color SC is amongst many other phenomenal Social Clubs, However while a majority (if not all) SC’s are welcome to any person regardless of sex, origin, sexual pref, etc. Fountains of Color is set to be Disney's first and original LGBT Social Club. The Fountains of Color SC can be seen on our group trips to Disneyland and in the Orange County area. When we are in the parks you will most often see us acting like little kids at heart with each other or doing our part in creating magic for other guests. If you see us in the parks please don’t hesitate to say hello! We love to meet fellow Disney goers. Interested in becoming part of the Fountains of Color SC family? Check out our website to apply or follow the link below!


Yes! We prefer 21+ but will make exceptions on a case to case basis We are NOT only for LGBT+ we are open to everyone

Kevin Monroe - President/Founder

Cheryl Miedema - VP/Sgt at Arms

Deana Miedema - Historian & Social Media

FB: FountainsofColorSC


- All Fountains of Color members and pledges must follow all Disneyland Resort property rules at all times. This includes theme parks, hotels, restaurants, Downtown Disney, and any other Disney establishment.
- All members will do their part to keep the park clean and safe.
- Be respectful of others. Any member or pledge that willfully creates problems or incites violence within the club or with another club will be immediately removed and taken note of in the Disney community.
• Should any issues arise that a member feels should be addressed, said issues must be brought to the attention of the Club Leadership
• By joining FOC, members acknowledge that the Council of Colors can strip you of your patch and remove you from the club for significant issues caused.
• All Prospects and Members acknowledge that patches are property of the Club. If you no longer are a member of the club, for any reason, patches are to be returned to club leadership immediately where quality of patches will be inspected to determine amount of $$$ to be returned. 
- Keep drama or bullshit to a minimum, particularly with other clubs in the SC community. Disrespectful behavior, name-calling, prejudice, discrimination and slander of any kind will not be tolerated.
- FOC is a family club. However, members must acknowledge that some events are adults only, and if kids are in the club, they will not be babysitted. Everyone should be aware of general etiquette and manners around people of all ages, however the presence of children should not hinder anyone’s experience. We all want to have fun!
- All members must pay for their own patches and approved jackets. 
• You MUST purchase the patch to be considered a member of the club after prospecting, i.e. if you have not yet purchased the required patches you will not be considered an official member unless extenuating circumstances have been cleared with the Council of Colors. 
• There is no specifically required jacket/vest that members must purchase. Members can purchase and place their patch on any jacket they would like, HOWEVER, the jacket MUST be approved by the Council of Colors beforehand to maintain a similar style throughout the club. Ideally, we would like members to have a least one club-style jacket from the preapproved list. You may have as many jackets as you like, as long as you purchase the patch set for each.
- Going to the park is a great way to get our club name out there. If you are patched, wearing your jacket in the park, or going to an official meetup, you must remember you are representing the club in both the SC and Disney communities. You MUST wear your patch while attending club events, unless you are cleared by the council for extenuating circumstances.
- Club members must attend at least three club outings per year, which can include park visits, Disney event attendance, restaurant outings, or any other group sponsored event.
- All prospective applicants must fill out the club application to be officially entered for consideration in joining the club.
- Items of concern or new business will be voted upon and decided by a majority vote.

Majority Vote Guidelines:
• The FOC President/Vice President makes all final approvals for any voting events.
• A voting event must have at least one founding member and three other members in attendance.

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