Emilys Avengers SC

Established: August 2017

Contact Info : Eileen Anguiano (562)744-5599

We are a drama free club and we are kid n animal friendly


Eileen Anguiano (Grumpy) President
John Anguiano (Goofy) Vice President
Lisa Cantu (Gus Gus) Secretary
Richard Cantu (Woody) Ambassador




Rules and Regulations
First off have fun
When your in the park whether in your vest or not show the parks, cast members, other Scs, n patrones in general respect
Follow all Disneyland, Disney California Adventure n Downtown Disney rules
Don't start drama (you don't start none there won't be none)
If you have a problem with another sc bring it to me I will talk to that SC’s president
We are a family club so please no cussing when kids are present
You are responsible for buying your own vest
Vest must be clean at all times
You are responsible for buying patches $85.00 for adults $60.00 for kids this includes name badge and shipping
It’s $20.00 to have patches sewed on by the person I use or u can just be given the patches n u have them sewed on
When you leave the club you will return patches and get half your money back (as long as patches are clean n in good condition)
If u are asked to leave club there will be no refund n u still have to give the patches back
Being a candidate means you will have to hang out with the club for 12 Sundays (any 12 you choose then be patched in) Remember the longer u take to complete those 12 Sundays the longer it will be till your patched in
While being a candidate u must hang out with this club till your a patched member unless u have made prior arrangements with me ahead of time that u will not be going to the parks (the 12 Sunday’s is to get a feel for u n u for us)
You will have 2 tasks to do 1. Take a picture with 5 club presidents n or vice presidents (send pics in club chat) 2. Hang out with 5 different clubs for at least an hour (have a member of that club send me a message saying you hung out with them
As a candidate you will wear a white t-shirt or tank top that will have candidate n your name (20.00 if u give me a shirt or 30.00 if I get a shirt from my vender)
Once a member u may choose what ever color u want n it will have your full pathes on it except white (20.00 for shirt n patches if u give me a shirt 30.00 if we get it from my vender)
If u leave the sc or we ask u to leave u can keep the shirts, etc....
Once a member u don't have to hang out with the sc but meet for a real quick meeting/update while in the parks
Once u are a candidate or patched member we asked that any time your in the parks that you wear your shirts or vest to represent the club
If u go to the parks your family n or friends may hang out with the club (they just can’t sit in on meetings)
Once a month it will be club day where the club will hang out together once your patched
If your gonna drink all that i ask whether in your vest or not act responsibly n don't act up or cause trouble know your limit (drinking can only be done at DCA where they allow alcoholic beverages not at Disneyland)
Disciplinary actions are as follows:
1st offense - a warning
2nd offense - you will be banned from wearing your colors for 1 month
3rd offense - we will ask for your patches n u will be asked to leave the club
Fighting, causing drama, being drunk and unruly u will automatically be asked to leave the club
REMEMBER this is a drama free club
Don’t get involved in other SC’S drama
Always remember we are family and are there for one another
So that’s there no drama we will not wear any supporter patches or pins from other clubs on our vest
Most importantly remember rule number 1 HAVE FUN


Yes we are
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