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Disney Thieves

Established June 2014

Contact Info: 951-478-1447

We started this club for our love of Disney. It was always a tradition when we were young to go to Disney with our families. As we got older, and continued to go to Disney, we saw various social clubs around, so we decided to make our own social club named Disney Thieves. We are a family based club.

Andrew price-president

Micala McLeod- Vice President




Instagram: @Disneythievessc


Be respectful of others. This includes Disney Thieves members, other Disney Social Clubs, Cast Members, and park guests. No member may willfully create a problem with members of other Disney Social Clubs, Cast Members, and/or park guests. All Disney Thieves members must follow all Disneyland Resort rules at all times. Respect the magic of Walt’s dream and vision.


Yes we are always accepting new members. All members must be 18 years of age or older. Under aged members are held to the same standards as all members and are required to act accordingly, as well as being held to the same disciplinary standards as regular members. Members are held accountable for their own vest.

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