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Disney Death Eaters

Established : 

Created - November 29th, 2017

Patched - December 2, 2019

Contact Info :



We are a hybrid Harry Potter/ Disney social club.

We love both equally and didn't want to limit our club to just Disney even though we know that's the main point of the SC scene. We're not a charity organization although we are considering maybe partnering with one later on.

We've been a club for two years but we just decided to go official last year so the kinks are still being worked out.

We want to be a part of the SC scene but we are really young compared to a lot of the larger groups so the whole scene seems super intimidating. But we're Death Eaters so we believe we can hold our own, if given the chance!


Instagram - @disneys_death_eaters


DDE Quidditch Team
Khy Jones- Captain/Seeker
Glen Howes- Beater
Shannon Whalen- Beater
Sabrina Lewis- Chaser
Jenny Park- Keeper

Accepting new members

At this time, we are not. We want to get our rules solidified and our club goal in order before we expand. We also want to stay small so that we know exactly what the game plan is should anyone want to join.


As of now, the main rule we have is that you must be friends with at least two members for a minimum of 2 years before requesting to join.

Follow all park rules for both Disney and Universal, have a love for both fandoms, and be respectful to members and non member associates.

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