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The Alley Cats

Established 10/22/2017

Contact Info:

We are a family friendly club who enjoy meeting similar minded Disney friends. We are themed after The Aristocats but enjoy all things Disney.

Tyler Byrum - President Jose Valadez - Vice President Marcus Mendez - Sgt at arms Amanda Mendez - Treasurer Kaitlin Valadez - Member Claire Fisher - Member Alex Amador - Member Brenna Andrade - Member


Although we do not have hard set rules, there are a few rules that we do follow. We always respect the parks, Cast Members, guests to the parks, and fellow social clubs. We have placed a lot of work into creating our SC. Our patch is very important to us and do not want it reflected poorly. It is important to not only provide a positive image for our club, but for social clubs as a whole.


We are accepting new members. We are based out of Central Valley/Bay Area in Northern California but are open to adding members from other areas who share the same love for the parks.

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