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Gracey Mansion Caretakers

Established December 2015

Contact Info:

We are a haunted mansion themed social club based in Walt Disney world

Matt Spence - President

Jarrett Buffington- Vice President

Matt Zucal - Sgt-At-Arms

Instagram: @caretakerssc


Yes, with a standard prospect period


* Follow ALL Disney Parks Rules & Regulations at the location(s) that you are visiting.

* Respect ALL Cast Members, Park Guests, other Social Clubs (SC) inside & outside of all Disney Parks at all times. 

* Our Social Club welcomes all ages & is kid friendly. Members should conduct themselves in this manner at all times while representing the club

* Its encouraged that members are annual passholders but is not required. We are open to members in all areas.

* No underage drinking. adults over 21 may drink, but we do not want members representing the club to be intoxicated to the point of embarrassment.

* drama free, depending on the situation, you may be suspended or removed from the club.

* Upon leaving the club for any reason, you will be asked to Relinquish your patches.

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