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Los Caballeros de Disneyland SC

Established: Feb 6, 2022

Contact Info : instagram



Our club operates on the same values that were instilled in 2017 with my original club. I was set on my way with knowledge about the clubs by Marky D...he was the very first person I met in the club scene.  My family is Disney from way back...I've been a AP holder for 17 years. We will continue to do what we do best... giving away things and doing random acts of kindness that are not documented since that eliminates the random if it's staged.


Instagram - @loscaballerosdedisneylandsc

Accepting new members?

We are currently accepting new members and will consider people with the following values:

- Family oriented people
- 3 Caballeros fans ( knowledge of movie required including answering random trivia )
- Hang around with patched club members at the park so that patched officers can get a feel for their personality and see if we will proceed with offering the prospect the opportunity to patch in.
-Obviously since AP's were killed off for now, AP is not required.
- Social personality is highly recommended ( it is a social club )
- No Club hopping accepted ( Typically the person from the other club either was kicked out or caused drama for another club and that will not be accepted)


We will operate under the following values

- Treat everyone with respect
- support everyone ( with or with out support )
- community outreach is a must
- participate in as many community events and charities as possible
- And help those who need help with no questions asked and no expectation of favor return.

Check in Locations:

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