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Briar Patch Kids SC

Established: 2017

Contact Info : Tracy Perkins


The Briar Patch Kids SC are a Northern California-based Disney social club dedicated to enjoying all things Disney. Unlike more prominent Disney SCs, we a bit more laid back, just like Br'er Rabbit himself.

Due to our distance from the park, we don't get down to Disneyland as often as we would like. Typically you'll find us visiting as a whole group when we can coordinate everyone together.

Bluebirds aka Founders

President - Ian Laster

VP - Tracy Perkins

Captain - Jake Newman

Storyteller - Omar Hashem

Treasurer - Kelly Davis

Den Mother - Jeni Rieswig


Our general rule while in the parks or at any club event is to be respectful and courteous to all BPK members, other SCs, guests, and cast members while representing the patch/Logo.


Yes, we are accepting new members. Only ranking members have the ability to grant access into the club.

As of now our club is word of mouth. Please speak to a patched member to apply. We have a lot of members, but we will have a formal way to join in the near future.

We are a family friendly club. If you are under 18, you will need an adult that also wants to join before you will be considered for membership.

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