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Established April 2014

Contact Info:

HBIC: Roxy Tart

VICE PIXIE: Sarah Bunny

REGULATOR: Kiegan Alvey



Roxy Tart

Kiegan Alvey

Cherry D'lish

Kimber Lynn

Hallie Smith




Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning....

There you will find a group of Disney loving friends that have formed a very colorful, super sparkly, hella fun, Social Club! 


The Babes, or Pixies as they're more commonly known, are always fabulously made up and looking good. These bitches strut through the park like it’s their own personal runway. But please don't think club is only for girls. We accept anyone who is fabulous, fierce, and fashionable

Our goal as a group is to show the world that just because you wear a patch or look a little different it doesn't mean that you can't be a true Disnerd at heart. We were brought together by our mutual respect and love of Disney which started for most of us when we were very young. Because of this we have a desire to share the magic of Disney with the rest of the world and with each other.

The Bangerang Babes can be seen on our group trips to Disneyland and Disney World, and hanging out at the Walt Disney Family Museum. When we’re in the parks we’re hard to miss, because we're the most colorful SC out there, and we tend to leave a trail of glitter wherever we go! You will most often see us helping other guests, causing a commotion, and doing our best to help spread the magic that is Disney.

Based in NorCal, we have members in the Bay Area, Sacramento, SoCal, Las Vegas and a few places in-between! If you see us in the parks please don’t hesitate to say hi! We love to meet fellow Disney enthusiasts. 

TBB Dress Code

Our dress code is simple, but we feel it needs to be stated anyway. If you are patched, going to an official meetup, or representing the club in any way, you must follow all dress code guidelines.

-Patches will be worn at all official events.

-Members and Pledges will look their best at all times.

-No pajamas (unless it’s a pajama party), sweats, dirty clothes, or anything that makes you look frumpy or homeless, will be worn in the park or to events.

-Members and Pledges must be clean and smell good. Yes, I’m totally serious.

-Members and Pledges must be cleaned and well groomed. Makeup, hair, and nails are all important to our fierce fairies, and no Pixie would go to an official event without at least styling her hair and putting on mascara and lipstick (Male Pixies are not required to wear makeup, but may do so if they wish).

-Glitter is always a welcome addition to any outfit.

-Before you leave for a club event, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Would Roxy approve?” if the answer is no...go back and try again.

All TBB members and pledges must follow all Disneyland Resort rules at all times. Respect the magic!

-Be respectful of others. This includes TBB members, other Disneyland Social Clubs, and park guests. Any member or pledge that willfully creates problems or incites violence with another club will be immediately banned from The Bangerang Babes. Keep it classy bitches!

-No Drama or bullshit

-No racism 
-No religion
-No slut shaming
-No homophobia 
-No misogyny

We have a 0 tolerance policy for the above.

-Members and Applicants must be at least 21 years old.

-All members will pay TBB dues on time. At this point in time, dues refer to purchasing your patch 

-No excessive drinking or drug use.

-All TBB members will do their part to keep the park clean and safe.

-TBB members will try when speaking to Cast Members address them by the name on their badge and always be courteous. If a cast member does not provide proper magic, head over to city hall and acknowledge the issue. If cast member goes above and beyond head over to city hall and leave a positive note on their behalf.

-Club attire (jackets, vests, shirts, hoodies) will only be worn at approved Disney themed events unless otherwise voted on and approved by the HBIC.

-Dress Code: We believe that going to the park is a special event, and should be treated as such. If you are patched, going to an official meetup, or representing the club in any way, you must follow our dress code guidelines.

-Members must attend at least 3 meet-ups a year. This includes trips to a Disney park, meetings, official meet-ups and field trips (such as Disney movies, Walt Disney museum, etc).

-TBB members may not belong to any other Disneyland Social Clubs (however, there are a few exceptions for clubs which may make you an honorary member )

Interested in Joining?

-Fill out the Application. You can find it HERE

-If your application meets our criteria you'll be added to our Facebook group and asked to come spend some time with us. This might be a Disney Park visit, a trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum, a Disney movie premier, an official club meet-up, or a causal hangout. Once we've spent some time together, and we're sure we like you (and you like us!) and that we fit well together, you'll be officially asked to join.

That's it!

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