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A little more about the SC community


All clubs should follow these three main rules

As a community we only really have 3 rules.


  1. Follow all Disney park rules

  2. Give respect, get respect

  3. Never copy another club's patch, name, or design


Friendship and Family

Friendship and family. This is what the SC community is about. Standing up for each other, protecting those who need it, providing a safe place for people where everyone feels comfortable enough to be themselves.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Social Clubs. The First club was The Neverlanders, a group of Disney fans who decided instead of wearing matching t-shirts like lots of groups did, they would do something a little cooler. They created a group patch, grabbed some vests, and a new era of crazy ass Disney fans was born. After that, a few more clubs popped up, and then a few more, and then like 100 or so more, lol. Since it all started in 2013 there have been a ton of clubs, but most of them don't make it past a few months and 2-3 members. However, those of us that are successful....we're a fiercely loyal and protective group of Disney fans. We hang out in the parks with our own clubs and other ones, take over rides, dance in the back lot, make a lot of magic and a little (teeny tiny) bit of mischief, and just enjoy hanging out with with other people who are as crazy about Disney as we are. With Disney Social Clubs, you find yourself immersed in a world where Disney is your home and the Social Clubs are your family and friends. 

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